Our Goal

Working Together To Create Wealth

Mentored Wealth Training

Gain Knowledge, Skills, and Philosophies from proven Wealth Creators and Entrepreneurs

Real Earnings Opportunities

Earn while you Learn simultaneously; enjoy Real Income Opportunities and Create Real Wealth on Schedule.

Real-Time Investing

Earn Dividends with ROI while learning the latest in Strategies and Money Trends from proven Investors

Introducing the Wealth Initiative

The Wealth Initiative is a Business and Wealth Development Program for budding Entrepreneurs.

Who We Are

We are a highly motivated and ambitious team of Professional Investors & Entrepreneurs who specialize in Creating Wealth

What We Do

We offer first-hand Training and Expertise through Real-life Business Ventures and Investments

How We Help You

You gain Income, Knowledge & Experience in the Real World of Business without any Risks

How Does It Work?

You gain first-hand experience of being an Entrepreneur and Investor by participating in various ventures over the course of our program.  You will also have an opportunity to Earn Income as the program and ventures develop.  All Courses, Curriculums, and Income Opportunities are offered primarily Online, however, we host national networking workshops and events for your participation.

Check Course_Availability for schedules openings and registration.

How Can I Get Started?

If you are ambitious, money-motivated, disciplined, dedicated, and ready to embark on a real path to achieving wealth, Signing-up is easy.

Contact the person who recommended you to The Wealth Initiative, or simply press the Get Started tab on the website and follow the sign-up process..

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Programs & Curriculums

The Wealth Initiative is designed to bridge experience and expertise
and match it with unbridled ambition to unlock and ignite the potential in young entrepreneurs.
Our Real-live Courses deliver First-hand on all aspects of business with Real Earnings Potential

Business Development

Learn the steps on how to form a Fortune 1000 Corporation from the ground up.

Business Commerce

Learn how to Create Support Levels for any Business and Create Income in any Economy.

Markets Investing

Learn the Secrets and Philosophies of Top Traders who regularly earn in the Markets Bull or Bear.

Crowdfunding Investing

Learn the value & potential in Diversifying Investments and Concepts through Crowdfunding Ventures.

Products Development

Learn how to Develop, Manufacture, and Create Distribution for any Product.

Sales and Marketing

Learn how to subconsciously connect any Brand with its Target Audience.


Entrepreneurial Students


Average Hours Per Week


Earning Potential

$ 300

Average Minimum Daily Salary