The Wealth Itinerary

Our Mission and Program Objectives

It is our goal to fully prepare our next generation of Leaders and Wealth Creators.  Through a vast array of Educational Programs and Income Opportunities, along with a direct observation into the real mechanics of Business and Investing, our students will learn the integral components that go into establishing a foundation for Creating Wealth.

Here’s what you can expect

During your tenure with our program, you can expect to be introduced to multiple opportunities to earn income and expand your income base. You will also receive enormous amounts of information in a small amount of time and you will be expected to multitask and compete in a high paced fast moving business environment.

A Schedule for Wealth

  • Objective 1


    Creating a Wealth Profile

  • Objective 2

    Initiate Phase One Revenue (Earning Income)


    Objective 2

  • Objective 3


    Initiate Business and Commerce

  • Objective 4

    Initiate Multi-tier Investing


    Objective 4

  • Objective 5


    Initiate Phase Two Revenue (Earning Income)

  • Objective 6

    Initiate Products and Manufacturing


    Objective 6

  • Objective 7


    Positioning for Wealth

  • Objective 8

    Business and Personal Finance Prep


    Objective 8

  • Objective 9


    Business Profile Assessment

  • Objective 10

    Economic Ascension


    Objective 10

Your Future is NOW and WEALTH is only ONE click away!!!

All courses and income opportunities are offered online and NO experience is necessary to join.